Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The New Van Toyota Sienna XLE again

We bought a van that the trains fit in.  Model years 2004-2010. Have the same enterior points to tie down trains too.  It went on its first train trip after we owned it 4 days.

A new to us 2008 Toyota Sienna XLE.  We're still not sure if it's blue or gray.

Of course the left door does not shut completely so it's a normal Sienna.  Since we replaced the motors in the doors of old one four times and the buttons three times we think we can figure this one out even though it's a different door problem.

Toyota Sienna Lost in a Snow Ball Fight

I have had this van since Jonathan's birth, Ryan's broken leg, moving from Iowa to Michigan and then Texas.  279,546 glorious miles.

I think we put on 150,000 miles on it.

Ryan has special plates he puts inside to load trains in there.

So many trips visiting this van, to our friends and family and train trips.

And now Burt, like Burt Reynolds is totalled.  Not in a firey inferno but lost to a snow ball fight.

We just experienced a hail storm.  Took out both vehicles, our roof, maybe the siding and some screans.  Jon lost his squirt gun.

Ryan has more than 50 dents on his roof.  His Buick has just rolled 150,000.

Other than looking like a five year old went to town with a hammer it runs fine.
Both vehicles are totaled.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Covid Shot

So I got the call from Tarrant County Monday to get the shot Wednesday between 11-2 south of Fort Worth.

Ryan was getting his second in Hurst and he was on site for 40 minutes including that 15 minutes in waiting after the shot.

Me, it took 45 minutes from getting off the highway to the site at 1.6 miles an hour.  Guestimate was 3.5 hours wait where people were way too close and it was cold and breezy.

I hit the pharmacy sites and found a Walmart 10 miles from home and made an appointment this weekend.  CVS, Walgreens and Kroger have those options too.

I avoid being close to everyone and this was a great way to get covid.

Wordless March Wednesday

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Texas Almost a Year Later

Ryan landed here a year ago in February and we got here in April.  Is this home?  It's home for now. 

I was thinking this week I don't know how many times we will move or where we will live in 20 years.

We pick up friends as unique as sea shells on our way.  Some seem to disappear but some.stay close to us this entire time.  I love picking up the phone and talking to people who I haven't seen in years and a day hasn't seem to pass.

I am also realistic that there are people who mean well but once you are gone you are just another Facebook friend.  I try not to be hurt.

I still need friends and am seeking deep friends, forever friends.

I am glad I took one with me in Ryan.  May will be 20 years of marriage.  I am glad he is my best friend, we have had to fight to stay that way.

God has been good.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Creality Ender 3 Adventures

We did a Kickstarter 3 years ago for an Obsidian 3d printer.  Notice it isn't in the title because we are still waiting.

Also we subscribed to Makersgeek Filament of the month club.  The company died but the filament has been working out well.  We now have had about 20 rolls waiting on the machine. 

I saw that there is a big group of people on Facebook that have Ender 3 printers.  The people are helpful so when the 3d printer was about $180 I got one.  

Then Ryan put it together and told me to be in charge.  That means unless something falls off I have to figure out how to run it.  It is my hobby now.  Thankfully the Facebook group helped me when all I could get were prints going on the nozzle for a ride.

I needed alcohol, well rubbing alcohol for cleaning the bed.  Thankfully my quilting cloth is near by for lint-less rags :)

Turns out my bed needed to be 60c vs 50c and I turned my nozzle temp from 200 to 215.

Now I am getting a good print, well its only 15% done but looks much better than others.  Not curling up and such.  I hope this articulating cat from Thingiverse will work out for me.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Ten Year Perspective

Just got the call that our truck driver's girlfriend just died.  He and the truck are on their way to Michigan.  My heart breaks for him.

This is where the 10 year Perspective comes.  In ten years will it matters we slept in the floor four days or nine?  Not really.  It's like indoor camping.  We are fine. 

It's just stuff.

I think of our driver.  I am praying for him.  Safety, patience, clarity in mind and driving.  In ten years this will still hurt him.  I do pray he and his girlfriend know God and trust in Him.  If so he will see her I in heaven.  That's the hope of Jesus.  Being in heaven with Him.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Texas Part #2

We close on the Michigan house at the end of March.  The next day we will close on the house in Fort Worth.  Right now Ryan is up here in Michigan with me. 

Ryan was sent "home" to do work like most of his associates.  Some of his people are working in their garages.  That won't work here since it was 27 degrees this morning.  Ryan actually put a heater up in our room.  He has a desk and 2 to 3 computers up and running up there.

I got him outside for a walk today.  Then he went upstairs for long underwear and a winter coat.  Maple enjoyed the time outside too.

We are packing like nothing will happen to stop trucks from traveling the USA.  I think we will go thru 3-5 states to get to our new home.  I have no idea.

God is the only one who knows what is going on now. 

Not sure the kids will be going to finish the year online with Michigan or in a Texas school.  They can't even go out to make new friends.  This is really weird folks.