Friday, February 27, 2015

Toddler Supplies

Here are some items that I use a lot, meaning each month for one of my 3 kids.  

This white thing- oral syringe adapter goes in the top of the liquid Tylenol or Ibuprofen or a kids prescription medication.  It helps to get out much of the fluid and makes it easy to measure out quickly when you have a kid screaming next to you.

I have separate thermometers for rectal and oral measurements.  With kids you want it fast and this is a good one for that.  Put on some lubrication like the bag balm below or KY and get their temperature quickly.  You can buy a generic one of these, it is the speed that counts.

I had Dreft for my first child but when you have a bunch of people in your house you don't have time to wash baby clothes separately.  For even my daughter with eczema, All Mighty Pacs work.  This I stay with the name brand.  You can look for coupons online and Sam's has 120 for about $14 last time I checked.

Prell is the family shampoo.  Only a dot works for the kids and it doesn't irritate them.  I find it on the bottom shelf at CVS and Kmart.

Dove is the soap my grandma used.  I use it too because my skin feels great and doesn't dry out like with other soaps.  Again this works well for my daughter with eczema.  I go for the scents that my husband can go to work smelling like.  Don't use the exfoliating kind on babies because it is a bit abrasive.

We just buy the big container and keep it open in the winter.  Again this is recommended by our doctor for helping with eczema and frequently there are coupons for Eucerin coupons.

Vermont's Original; Bag Balm is the hardest for me to find.  Last time I found it on Amazon.  I found it at Hyvee and CVS here.  This works on diaper rash, cuts, cracked nipples and helps soften hands.  It also helps with taking our splinters where you just put in on the splinter and a band aid over it.  It gets sucked out.

Hyland Teething Tablets are my friend.  Talk to your doctor about this one.  They worked with Jonathan to calm him down for Ibuprofen to work.  I kept some in my purse and one a shelf, everywhere when he had them coming in.  There is an organic barbiturate in them so use them responsibly.  

Saturday, February 7, 2015


We do projects, crafts, drawings, wood work, and kit bashing.  Here is Lilly and Jonathan designing a quilt together.

Ryan found a door for $5 at Lowe's and we will put it with our other loose wood for a layout some day.  The kids helped take off the hinges and door frame.  Anna and Lilly got to use the screw gun.

Lilly stopped moving only for a minute...

Lilly is helping me sand a replacement table top from Home Depot.  I found an ashtray table and we are just using the base.  It had two supports for the top and Ryan made another one including the profile and counter sinking the holes for the wood screws.  

I glued and started painting it today.  I am too tired to get a picture of that right now.

Jonathan found a cup of sugar split in the cupboard and is helping clean up.

Monday, February 2, 2015


I have learned that not all people like to craft.

I am surprised.


They don't know how.  Don't want to fail?  Have failed before...

I have failed miserably but I keep at it.  I am glad God gave me Ryan when I can't force something he had another perspective.  I do the same for him.

These are magnets we made at Anna's slumber party.  Magnets, pictures from magazines and little round magnets held together with Elmer's glue. You can use anything for this and they did.  One girl wasn't crafty so I made some for her from the sheet that comes with Shopkins.

The bathroom is more craftiness than I think I wanted.  It started with a little pealing paint and between the two of us we have stripped the walls, repainted the ceiling, walls, replaced the fan and did dry wall work, trim, replaced the guts of the sink, took out 5 layers of floor and done our first tiling job and we still are not done.  It took 3-4 trips to box stores to get the guts to fix the sink.  I was ready to just caulk it all together but Ryan had the perseverance to make it work.  It doesn't leak, neither does the toilet now.

I need to paint the trim for the top of the wainscoting and Ryan gets to install that.  Then I think we are done.  

We work together, we are help mates.  Neither of us knows it all but though our mistakes it works.

This is the lettering on the Jeffrey Storage Battery Truck.  Ryan built it and I got to make it pretty.  We used car paint so it would endure the weather and look cool.  I learned that you can't spay paint out of a paint can and then brush it on, there is a propellant and it looks horrible.  My mistake so I got a touch up paint pen and did the lettering.  I kept at it and it looks great - 5 to 6 coats later.

What ever you are good at, keep doing it.  You will fail but when you succeed you will feel great and others will admire your work.  

God gave us all a tool box and they are not the same. That is why cool stuff happens.

Monday, January 19, 2015

$100 continued

So we took care of the fundraiser at Lilly's school for $21.

Then Anna and Lilly talked about the dog treats.  Lilly decided on 3 bags.  Anna and I guessed $21.  We have cats so its a guess.  We will go up to the amount but not over.  This is a budget.

We went to Kmart and they were having several sales so this is what we got for $20.30.  I helped with the math and she chose the ones with the happiest dogs on the front.

Anna had chosen to also make blankets for the animals.

We also gave $30 to a Christmas store at our church.

Then we purchased a toy for the salvation army toy drive with the remainder.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

$100 and how to spend it

We put aside $100 for good causes this December.  I handed it to my oldest and said "Here is $100."  You should have seen the smile.  Then I told her that we have this money to help others.  We have to figure out what we can and can't help with this month.

She then started making a chart of what we wanted to help out:
Church Gift Shop - for teens
Humane Society - Blankets and Dog Treats
Lilly's School Fund Raiser
Salvation Army -toys

She made some allocations and we talked about what we had already promised to do.

Here is her chart:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

purring cat

Anna is napping next to me.   Shay is napping on top of both of us.  When I pet shay he likes it.  When I use Anna's hand to touch Shay he purrs.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Before we went to India we were Christians.  We believed in a 100 percent good God who wanted to be an active part of our lives.  Albeit in a passive be good, have good character, save us from a our own stupidity, wisps of a wind  kind of a way.  

Our time of India changed that.  Suddenly God was not as distant, He was near. He was not nearly silent He was clear.  We prepared, went to, and recovered from being in India and our faith was different, but the same.  I think our world view changed more than our faith.  
But our faith did change.  God did a lot of hand holding during that period of our life.  And now years later we are back to a life much like before we we even had a hint of going.  But our faith, my faith, I was paralyzed with inaction.  I expected marching orders as clear as what we had to go to India, a clear path and incredible events to assist us down a path.  But I know that was not true, I was told that was not true.  Life would become like it is, silent, quiet, work hard to raise good kids but otherwise boring.

With the adventure gone, did my faith go with it?  No.  My world view changed, not my faith.  Honestly I did not like a lot of the adventure of our time in India.  I dreamed of what I have now.  Yet now I dream of adventure like India?  I know of a REAL God, who holds our hand.  He is good, 100% good.  Evil exists in this world and he holds our hands when it is near.  He fights it off if it gets too near.  He sees more than we see.  He knows more than we know.  He cares.

India was a part of our lives, a place to reset our world view to one that is more useful to God.  The work we did in India is a foundation that has grown and matured and is still impacting India.  India changed us and we changed India both for God's kingdom.

Friday, October 10, 2014

It is October - Garden News

I have pulled up half our garden because we want to top dress it with some compost.  After a while it looks like you have a soil thief because the plants suck up the nutrients in the soil.

We have 3 separate sections and two spots have strawberries, red, white and yellow ones.  We are still getting white ones, I know since I ate one before taking this picture.

We are still getting current tomatoes, they are about the size of sixlets. They don't even get as big as a marble.

We have little peppers too!

Our thyme, parsley, basil, onions, and garlic are hanging in the basement now waiting to be used in the winter.

Jonathan is trying to grow trucks.  He is loving the leaves and playing outside. 

I bought some flowers on clearance in summer to find out what grows in this part near the garage and saliva is the only thing that produced and thrived.

We have 2 little gourds
 and we also grew a small sugar pumpkin.which is on my kitchen counter.  The cucumbers have been made into bread and butter pickles.  The beans have dried and will be soup some day.  

It is October 10th and the garden is still going until the frost hits, then ...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BMC Quary

We went to the BMC Quarry this weekend for their open house. We got to see their big equipment.

I was amazed at the levels of the rock.  They use pumps to keep the water out.  Some day when they leave here will be a pretty nice lake. 

 Jonathan fell in the mud but still had a good time collecting rocks with the girls.