Tuesday, March 12, 2019

We are home

I went through some of our post for 2008.

The title We are Home came up from when we landed back in the United States after living in India a year.

Since there we have called home to my parents house, a house in Erie Pennsylvania, a house in Waterloo Iowa where I've had two more children and now we are in linden Michigan. We're home. What does that mean?

1) home is where you have the most pairs of underwear
2) home is where your entire family is, meaning kids and husband
3) home is where you feel settled

I'm grateful to God that I can keep making new homes, new friends, and continue to raise the family He's giving me. It's not always been easy.

Between moving here from Waterloo IA end up having to have a root canal because I grind my teeth so hard.  Part of my family was missing, Ryan had to be up here in Michigan and work for a month before we would be allowed to get a mortgage.

I'm glad my family is back together now.

Family is important, it makes you feel safe, could you stability, and a purpose at times.

I don't know how.