Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today is an important day, yes it is the start of India's 61st year of Independence, but also our independence from the New Woodlands Hotel! This morning we moved into our apartment here in Chennai. Rather than fill the inboxes with pictures I ask you to go to this link to have a gander at our abode.

Now yesterday being Independence day in India the office was closed so we hired Vijay the auto driver to take us around to some of the highlights of the city, some were closed, but other were open. Such as the Shiva temple, and St Thomas Cathedral. See pictures of our day here: Note Nancy also took some with her camera, I will upload those soon.

And last, if I do not have enough pictures of India Stephen Hinkel has more at: Read his blog at he is one of the team from GCC that went to

OK now that I have all that diversions of pictures, and others experiences of India out of the way we should give a little bit of a selfish update.

We have all been reasonably healthy, though occasionally too much spicy food will upset our tummys one morning or another. Nancy and I are not having culture shock, though Anna is. Nancy and I are having Anna overload. We have been near her for the past 14 days constantly (this includes all sleeping in one king sized bed (with Anna in the middle because she is fearful of falling off)) Again I will say moving to India is like having a second Anna, one of her is ok, but two at the same time brings the need for.... (I don't think Lamaze was meant for child birth but for all the years after that)

Anna is not adjusting well to the people here. It is the Hindu culture to pinch the cheeks of a good looking child for good luck, and Anna is the perfection of such. Those that are older, or poorer are more likely to reach for the cheek. Anna will run, hide, cry, scream, and otherwise act out even if no one is coming. We need to take a corner in restaurants with her tucked away for safety... There are other Expats here in the city who are giving us advice, the best is to teach Anna to yell "no thank you!" And also to give lots of play time to unwind.

Last our ramp up for work is purposely very slow, GOF has a strong desire to let us get used to the culture before setting us to work, and now that we have an apartment Nancy will be settling in there until we find a Nanny, and I will start visiting branches, clients etc learning about the paper trail in hopes to simplify it. (there was also a potential project that Nancy has hopes to be involved in also but as it did not interest me... I let it slide from active memory.)

Please write us back, we love to hear from you and about you.