Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weird Ideas that have Worked - Plexiglass

Ryan and I used to play Settlers of Catan with some friends in India.  We enjoyed it so we bought it, some add on packs and a sheet of plexiglass.


When you are playing you use little circles on top of the cards to signify their worth.  The only problem is we would roll and knock them off.  The solution was going to Home Depot or maybe it was Lowes and bought a scrap of plexiglass big enough to go over the board.  Now we roll and don't mess up the game which can take hours.

One day I saw Anna was decorating something with paint and I put the plexiglass sheet under her so she wouldn't mess up our wooden table.  I can use a plastic scrapper to get the glue off and the paint.  I can also soak it in hot water in the bath tub to clean it - like I did today.

The girls use the plexiglass on our table when they paint or play with playdough.  Even the neighbors know to grab it if they are playing with something messy. Our table may hold up if we keep doing this with the kids.