Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Couple Fun Days

This is Pudhiya Padhai trust bank group from Narikuravargal colony. They are gypsies who make glass beaded jewelry. Here they are saying "nandri Linda." On Linda's behalf we bought a lot of necklaces and bracelets and earrings and a glass ring.

Nancy did not tell me until we left that we overspent her planned budget by four times... oops that was my fault. They separated us and overwhelmed us with so many options. They are crafty in more ways that one! ;) Nancy has been watching prices throughout the city so she was firm on prices which helped us.

Usually I am the one stressed out by people and pushy sales, but today I was having a blast! As we were leaving I learned that Nancy was on overload. She is doing better now but I can still tell she is on overload.

We were surprised how much of a fuss they made over our coming. We got the royal treatment with flowers, glitter filled balloons, and songs and dancing. It was great. As this was also a regular trust bank meeting they had a short lesson, this week it was about verbal abuse in the home and what to do about it. These clients are on their fourth cycle with Growing, and they have truly grown, these 10 minute talks each week have improved their health, self worth, business skills, and community. I think as a company this is the group of women we are most proud of serving. Read more about them here.

For us this whole past week has been a true blessing, many great gifts have been given to us; free lunches, free auto rides, cookies and candy, surprise and not so surprise parties, actual gifts such as pictures, clothing, tablecloths, jewelry. On top of it all we have received so many compliments about all we have done here. We see it as we were only doing God's work and at the same time God is telling us thank you for doing his work. There are many more surprises and fun and some work planned for the rest of the week. Monday night we will board a plane and head to the USA saying goodby to all our friends here.