Friday, May 2, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Today to be a little different I thought I would answer some basic questions about our life here. Sit back, enjoy, and if you have any others feel free to ask.

  1. Whats the weather like? Its 95 degrees now (7pm) with a high of 100 at noon, its going to get hotter. It kind of feels like sticking your head in a working oven.

  2. Whats for dinner? Today is chapatis, white rice, sambar, the special treat of chicken curry sandwiches (from Evelina next door) and okra (ladies finger).

  3. Is Ryan going though camera withdrawal? Yes, it had been on his belt for a year now and its gone. Thankfully we have my old camera which is still working to take pictures. Also with some well placed prayer he has no anxiety towards being in public.

  4. How did Anna do on her report card? No idea, the teacher lost all the report cards. She did have the ability to give me the fee slip for next year and tell me she did pass. It will be quite a challenge for us to continue to teach her new things at the pace that was happening in school.

  5. Did you fix Anna's pool? Ryan used super glue and took some bits off her floating ring for patches. Yes it holds water almost as fast as Anna can bale.

  6. What did we do this week? We signed and sent out 235 newsletters, you should see them in a week or so. I got to go to group meetings of about 100 clients, work on the new loan for cattle and watched Anna. Here I am with a couple of our clients daughters from the Asirvantheim Group.

  7. How long have you been in Chennai and when are you coming back to the USA? July 15th, Chennai to Brussels, to NJ to Michigan.

  8. Anything new happen this week? I had a rat steal my pants of my clothesline upstairs and put about 12 holes in them, way beyond repair.

  9. What will you do when you get back to the USA? Please keep that in prayer, first we need to finish well here. Once we get back to the States we will spend a few weeks visiting our supporters. After that we really don't know what Gods plans are for us.