Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pella Tulip Time 2016

This was my first time to any Tulip Festivals.  I grew up in Michigan near Holland Tulip Time and I thought this would be all tulips and people dressed in dutch costumes.  It was worth it to go.

Here are some girls doing a Dutch dance.

And this is Iowa so there are tractors.

And purple tractors.  Look up Tim Hawkings Pretty Pink Tractor when you are board.

And a huge flea market, well craft market.  I miss real flee markets with old stuff.  The girls wanted these chairs for their dolls.  Not at $18 each darlings.  We can make that.  That was my issue there, most of the stuff I could make that I liked or at least knew how to make on the cheaper side of things.

Yes there were tulips.  They were pretty.  Height of season wat 2 weeks ago.

I have the stuff to make this but I was happy to cool off with the refills and help out the boy scouts. the tall guy in train shirt is our tour guide and Ryans brother Jeff.  He made the trip really good.

 Root Beer and Cream Soda were yummy.  Anna lives in that UTLX hat of Daddies.  She has claimed them as her own.

There was your carny food there and some authentic stuff too like fried meats and donut like things.  I don't remember the names but you get the idea.

Play grounds are a good thing where kids can climb and play.  Then us adults can rest and chat.  This place was huge.  There was also a pay play ground for little ones and bounce houses.  We are dutch so we like free.

More tulips and Lilly has the cream soda.  Look a tractor.

There was a parade and I am glad to see our troops.  They deserve our respect.

Local bands, Anna enjoyed seeing the flute players since that is what she is playing next year in 6th grade.

Floats and windmills of course.  We didn't go in the windmill, way too many people.  It looked beautiful.  Jon kept pointing out its flags.

More dutch people in the parade.

My way to ride...

We got to see family too, that is another post.