Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anna Does Not Like School

Oh the stress on our little girl. A big cultural difference between America and India has been a challenge for Anna and her teachers. Yesterday Anna came home from school crawled into her bed, not even wanting to eat lunch, when I comforted her she said she was a bad girl.

I told her that she is not bad, it is just that going to the bathroom in a diaper or underwear is icky and not fun to clean up. The teacher is calling that bad. (we get charged 10rs each time too) The teacher and even her parents and Gnana would be very happy if she would feel the need to go, leave her playing and go then come back to what she was doing. And if she allowed the teacher to splash her with water she would not be stinky all day and get rashes that need powder.

We ask for you to pray for her, this area is truly the biggest aspect of her life, it ruins fun at school and play dates, and most Indian people train the kids at a much younger age so they are surprised by Anna's lack of control.

Also pray for our travels, tonight we fly to Thailand for a couple days to fulfil our visa requirements.