Sunday, August 24, 2008


Processing paperwork at a large corporation takes time, due diligence now pays off, it costs a lot less than fixing mistakes. When you are a future employee spending a lot of time waiting it is easy to get impatient. What to do with all that pent up energy?


Better yet DO home and garden!

Nancy and I extended three downspouts under ground and 40 feet away from the house each. This gets all the rain from the roof of the house away from the foundation of the house where it could potentially do some damage.

The second project was fixing some of that damage. The front walk had settled about an inch from one section to the next resulting in a trip hazard. Nancy dug under the side walk and I placed a 12ton jack under to lift a 3x12foot section of sidewalk back up to where it should be. Then Nancy mixed up 32o pounds of new cement which I pushed under sidewalk to keep it in place. A couple days of waiting and the jack was pulled out, the hole filled in, the landscape returned to pristine condition. Now there is a lot less worry when the rains come.

As for the job, I will be starting on the 29th, all the major paperwork should be done today or tomorrow (pray that it is) and then we can start officially finding a place to live and moving there (pray we find the right place and timing works out for it.)