Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why Quilts Matter

This was a questions posted by Ami Simms - Why Quilts Matter?

Ryan and Lilly under a jewel box quilt I made for Ryan
My gut reaction is even though a person is gone they can still give you warmth and its like a hug from them to be in that quilt.  I have 2 very important quilts on my bed almost year round.  One is made by my mom.  It isn't that pretty but her hands made it.  It is a huge embroidered peacock. Also a sunbonnet sue quilt is the other one from the woman who took care of my mom as a kid, the lady I am named after.  Its like having a visible piece of love from someone who is gone but not.

Our picnic quilt made by Grandma Nancy in the 70's

O hope my own kids value the quilts I have given them.

Anna under a batik pinwheel quilt I started when Ryan and I got married

Lilly in a blue and green lucky 10 quilt

I bet there are at least 20 quilts I have made that people have.  I hope they know I cared for them and their babies.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spending Time with Three Kids

Now we have three kids.  I am trying to figure out how to spend quality time with all of them.

I got some time in with Lilly earlier tonight.  We just played with flashlights in the dark living room while Jonathan was sleeping in his room and Anna was off playing.

I need to get it in my head that even if the two younger ones are napping that doesn't mean plow though the chores but that I need to relax and spend time with Anna.  I know this because I have a sense of guilt.  Anna prayed tonight "God, help mom to get more sleep so she doesn't yell at me tomorrow."

Tomorrow is another day and I need to mentally make sure I spend time with all my kids, give them all respect, give them eye contact, give them hugs and kisses.