Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Quickly after moving to south bend we have headed to Detroit. Like St.Louis we have been visiting many people. It is great to see so many. It is a little awkward to have friends give you money, but we deal. So many people like what we are doing in India and want to help out.

I wanted to share a couple important things we are praying for. First, Jen the wife of the family that bought our house woke up one morning to find she could not move her legs. The disk between her L4 and L5 shattered, damaging the nerves. They are so cheery given the circumstances. She has not been upstairs in months, her living room now has a hospital bed and a closet was taken out to have a roll in shower. She will be in a wheelchair for a long time, it will take much very hard work on her and the families part to regain the movement she once had.

Second we have some dear friends, Kim and Greg who after 14 years of working at it are pregnant. Please pray that the baby is born, and there will not be complications. It is a long time between now December when the baby is due. This is a very dear couple, they do not need the pains of complications.
(note added May 20: we found out that sadly the baby miscarried. If distance was not so far between them and us I would continue in the Jewish tradition of just coming to sit with them, not trying to console or explain, but just be there...)

So while you keep us in mind, please know that we are also praying for others and we ask you to also.