Friday, August 28, 2009

More than a month in


We have been so busy the past month. We spent two weeks in the extended stay (dorm rooms have it better.) Then we moved into our new place, learned that the basement leaks a lot when it rains. I took out a dog run as a method of dealing with the frustration. Now I am putting in retaining walls from the former dog run material so that we can have a nice large garden area next spring. (And garlic will be planted in the fall.)

When we moved in I had a plan... and it has worked fairly well. The last house was 2500 square feet, this one is 950, we should be living in about 1500sqft. When the moving truck came we put all the boxes and small furniture in the garage and the big furniture in the house. Then over the past few weeks we are slowly filling the house and emptying the garage. Once we can park two cars in the garage then we will go buy a new TV. (Sold the last tv instead of putting it on the moving truck.)

As of this afternoon we officially have a new member of the family but that is for another post.