Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pictures From India

Some pictures on the plane.

And Outside Mumbai Airport.

And pictures of Pune

All out luggage.

Nancy's new outfit

More later :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome To Pune

Just a short note to inform everyone that we safely arrived at Pune. We will spend the next several days here with friends, then Friday fly on to Chennai.

The flight was long, and most of the time was lights out, everyone try to sleep. Anna did sleep most of the way. The first half of the journey that was on the floor at my feet, in the under seat storage area. Then in London we had to leave the plane, with all our carry-ons, walk a very long way, go through security, then walk all the way back to the plane and reboard.

On the second half of the flight Anna slept on the seat between Nancy and I. Or played with a 3 year old (almost 3 his birthday is the 7th of August) sitting in the seat behind us.

Then a quick pass through customs in Bombay, a 3 hour ride in a very fast taxi from 3am to 6:30 am, some sleep and now it is 3pm and we will go shopping for an outfit or two for Nancy.

None of us have much jet lag, yes we are a little sleepy, but feeling well otherwise.

The GCC india team is also doing well. Please visit their site and watch what they do this week.

Pictures to follow.