Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moving In, Starting Work

Wow how quick things go once you got to move. We chose the brick house, had the movers pack us up and move us in. We are unpacking boxes, trying to work with Verizon to get our phone and Internet, the issue is that ordering via the website saves us $60 a year but the website is broken and sends us to living in Titusville instead of Erie.

We will post pictures of our home eventually, we are only halfway through the boxes in unpacking so it is a MESS. Though we did a wise thing and do not let boxes into the living room. The living room is our little haven, though the dining room has some boxes that need to be shifted up to the sewing room. As for other rooms the kitchen is settling in, the TV room is still a mess, the office was good but became a dumping ground, the bedrooms are livable (Anna picked up all her toys last night before bed), and the sewing room is a mess. There are about 200 boxes in the attic that need to be sorted. We have a lot of work to do yet including setting up a budget plan. At least a couple more weeks of unsettled living.

Rain the last two days, there is water on the basement floor, makes me very glad that I sent the boxes to the attic.

Back to work, more after the stress wears off in a few weeks.