Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Winter in Michigan

Blue Jeep and Black Hummer
Jon has been saving for a Gator (Power Wheel).   He wanted one really BAD!  This Christmas I found one of my neighbors had two extra power wheels that they never tried to make work. 

I'm grateful for having a handy husband because he found that the Hummer had a bad acceleration switch which I bought a replacement off eBay for ten bucks and the Jeep still had the proprietary battery connection which I just put spade bits on the end of the wires.

Ryan putting in the 35 amp hr battery
Ryan used a Oscillating Craftsman Multi Tool to get rid of some ridges
The one drawback with power wheels is they have a proprietary connector and a fuse in the battery. That's it cost sixty bucks versus $20 for the battery and another $3 for the fuse including a connector which my husband has a stash of in the basement.  That is why people get rid of them, the battery cost.

Things we have learned:

-when you put a 35 amp hour battery in a power wheel it runs all the way around our subdivision.
-also is heavy on the steering wheel so it's more difficult to turn.
-it can still haul a fourteen-year-old taller then me.
-when you put a 7.5 amp hour battery in a power wheel it does not make it around our subdivision. Then you push it halfway around the subdivision and regret that you didn't bring a second battery which can also fit in the compartment.
7.5 amp hr batter and car charger
-a determined 8 year old can install a small battery when she wants to chase her brother in the other car on days they forget how to share.

The blue Jeep was the first one that we got running and has just 7.5 amp hour batteries. Those we take out and charge with a car battery charger, we the leave the battery in the 35 amp hr hummer.  I don't know if the 35 amp hour gives more power to the black Hummer. It sure seems to go fast and scare the 14 year old who's driving on it.