Wednesday, September 28, 2016

LIfe goes on and it is ok

A lot has happened this month that Ryan has been gone.

Anna's kitty Shay had to be put to sleep due to Feline UTI Disease.  He was suffering.  The vet was so nice and sent us his paw print.  A few tears were shed for how nice it is to have a little something of Shay.

Floods hit the area from an hour north to an hour south.  Many people were evacuated from Cedar Rapids.  I took the kids Sunday to the walking bridge here in Waterloo so they could hear and feel the water's movement.  To understand the enormity of the water.  Thankfully since the 2008 flood people know better how to prepare and to stay safe.  So many people helped it was amazing from sand bags to moving furnaces.

Anna went to her first dance at the local church.  This is the thing you do and has been for 50 years.  So many parents I talked to did it when they were kids.  All the stories seemed to make them smile, even if they got in trouble.

Prairie Lakes Church, the Waterloo Iowa campus is merging with Hope City Church.  Once most people have gotten over the shock they see how wonderful this is.

Ryan and I moved to Waterloo the time when there was only one Prairie Lakes Campus 7 years ago.  Then a month later the announcement was made that they would have one near our home.  There was the option to go and meet more people and serve every 3 weeks.  We were up on stage, me and a bunch of other pregnant ladies to be sent out.  What wonderful freinds I have been blessed with since we moved to the Waterloo Campus.

We knew PLC was the place God wanted us to be due to the peace we felt.  The mission was to reach all of Iowa for Jesus.  That means Waterloo and all parts of it.  For years we have been helping, hosting, and loving on the area but not growing.  Hope City is already drawing in community members.  This is good, this was the goal from the beginning and at the perfect timing.  It is a mutual relationship and I pray will prosper.

I miss Ryan

Anna misses Daddy

Lilly misses Daddy

Jonathan misses Dad who he thinks is just at work