Thursday, February 16, 2012

My purse, is it a reflection of my mind?

I have a cute purse, Lilly and Anna helped me pick it out at Stuff Ect.

Then you look inside, its not too bad. Its organized enough that you don't see the trash inside. My mind feels like that, there is the part that is functioning in the minute, feeding the kids, cleaning the house and then the other thoughts...

Life barfs out at you if you are not on top of it. This is what is in my purse. A Garmin, Dave Ramsey cash, wallet, 20 in 1 tool, notebook, change, lotion, cinnamon Altoids, 5 pens and headache powder.

How much of this do I really need? 5 pens, I only have 2 hands? Receipts should be either tossed or filed away. I only need one bottle of lotion, not two.

This extra junk in my purse makes it heavy and hard to search.

I think of my mind, how much is in their that makes it heavy and hard to use?

Worrying about that others think of me? Neighbors? Friends? The only one I need to worry about it God. I need to be right with him. I can't make everyone happy, I can try and do what God wants me to in their lives and act as "Jesus with skin on."

Worrying about how long Ryan will be in this job, finances, where is God sending us next? Why, what can I do about that? God has helped us to have a nice emergency fund with help from the Dave Ramsey stuff. I again need to turn to God to stick to my budget, not hide wants or needs but talk them over with Ryan. God has always provided financially to us, we never have gone hungry. We always have paid our bills. There has always been prayerful support for us and loving people surrounding us. Those are my closest times with my husband and God in those struggles.

Busyness, I need to get this and that done to be a good wife and mom. The house needs to be clean and I need to wash all of the colors separately and I need to ... What a load of BS from the Devil. I need to be there for my daughters when they need hugs and a playmate. I need to be there to hold my husbands hands and pray after a bad work day. I need to be their for my friends who need to know that their not going nuts. God holds me and I need to hold others and help them talk with God too.

I need to refile or toss the stuff in my purse. I also need to be the woman God wants. To turn to Him, not food, shopping, sex, girlfreinds on the phone or lose myself in Pintrest. I need to start and end my day with prayer. I love reading the Bible to my girls with their bibles. I sometimes learn stuff I don't get reading the NIV. They ask questions and I pray for them and their future spouses to believe in this God who loves us even when we have a bunch of junk in our purse.