Friday, July 12, 2013

Dance of the summer vacation

I must admit summer with three kids is fast.  Jonathan is the first to start his day and by the time of his first nap Lilly wakes up.  We have already had 2 weeks at Grandma and Grandpas, VBS and now a week of dance camp.

Our mornings start slow as the kids eat breakfast, watch some TV and do some chores.  I find they are more agreeable with a full tummy and no distracting friends.

Today's chores for Anna will be sorting the change jar for "Papa Pennies" any of the new coins with cool backs, putting away the silverware and her clothes.  There should be a neatening of her room with Lilly but I will wait until they have had a chance to mess it up.

Today will be Anna's first Dance Class Show.  I will take some pictures and post them here.  She has taken a class by my Mommy and Me class teacher.  The first day she came home saying she didn't want to go back.  I told her in my mommy way "Pay me the money for the class and you don't have to go back."  I am surprised that work but it did.  Being a perfectionist hurts some times when you don't feel confident in what you are doing.  I won't say she is loving it but she is going without too much trouble.

Lilly would go with me to my Mommy and Me class so she knew the gym, where the trampoline was and how to use the drinking fountain.  Its at the same place as the dance class.  I prayed beforehand that Lilly would leave with me OK when I would drop off Anna.  I also talked with Lilly about this being Anna's class and not hers.  She says goodbye to her sister and leaves.  Such a blessing when I worried about it.  God is good.

We need to remember to pray about even the little things, God does care.

One Track Mind

some hints about what Ryan has been thinking about, talking about, and buying tools for.  All pictures have been sourced from the internet.