Monday, May 20, 2013

May Garden 2013

We started off May with snow.  So much different than last years warm temperatures.

When the weather got better Ryan built a new gate for the back of the garden so that we can get to our compost pile behind the garage easier.  

This weekend Ryan moved some finished compost from darth vader and behind the garage to the garden and stirred it in.  I will plant cucumbers where he is working to climb up our three legged flying saucer.

We had a hothouse here 18 months ago. The horse manure has composted into nice soil now, last summer it still looked like road apples.  Now it is soft black soil down 36 inches.
To his right we have mint, and planted some lettuce and a currant tomato.  To his left is the garlic, we did not eat much of it this winter because, well I don't really know, maybe because it is a lot of effort taking care of a baby, a 3 year old and a recovering husband.  We had planted about a third of the garlic last fall, a third in April and the last of it last week when he worked on the gate.  It will be interesting to see if it dies off in stages or if it all goes dormant at the same time.

Now we water and wait.  In a few weeks we will be seeing more green than the garlic, basil and chives. 

In the front yard we planted 8 currant tomatoes in this bed.  Ryan also planted a surprise on the other side of the front door.  We will take pictures later and have you guess what he planted.  To be honest I left the weeds in this bed because with so many different things planted here I don't really know if they are weeds or stuff from last year.  Also this way the animals don't know the tomatoes are there.

A new addition to our yard this spring is raspberries, I love raspberries and am so happy to see one of them poking out green leaves.

A good rain has the beans sprouting.  I guess this one did not get buried deep enough.

Sad news is something is eating the basil already... it has only been in the ground a day.