Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekend Projects - Table for Jonathan's room

Normally Ryan would be working on his train but he needs to sandblast the body and paint it and its 20 degrees outside.  I am not really inspired to work on any quilts.

So now for something a little different but the same...

About a week ago I decided Jonathan needed a table in his room for Lego's.  This boy likes tables now that he is walking and has balance.

We went though the stock of loose boards, cabinet doors and found a dresser top from my Grandpa Kissell.

Next to make a frame and legs that could handle a little climber on it so off to the 2x4 stack.

Ryan helped me square up the frame.

 Ryan  helping drill the holes for the screws.

For the last couple days I have used half a bucket of wood putty and been sanding with 80 grit and now I am up to 120 grit sandpaper.  3M sandpaper for me after using the cheap stuff and nothing happened.

I am trying to sand it so that no little fingers will get slivers.  I am amazed how many times I run my fingers over it and then sand it just a little bit more.  I could fill a cottage cheese container with the shavings and dust I have taken off this table already. 

I should clean the mirror soon.  I am not sure what the cats were doing on it...

Monday, February 17, 2014

It is still snowing so we got a snowblower

We ended up buying a snowblower.  


We gave up on shoveling, I mean we just quit doing it.  You don't even shovel from the garage to the house.

The snow just keeps coming and after a while you just think "I will drive over it."  

Until your van likes to swerve into the house.  And your car likes to swerve into the house.  Ryan spent 4.5 hours outside today so that we can park and drive out of our driveway.  

The street is another matter.  Jonathan and Lilly didn't mind the sled but I don't think we will get too far with that.