Thursday, July 28, 2011

KinderGARDENS M is for Mold

This post isn't about that cool neon yellow mold. We haven't seen any of it in a few weeks.

We have 15 cherry tomato heart molds Snap n Shape. We put some on the tomatoes that grow big and they really are not keeping their shape once the molds are off. We need patience and when the right fruit is ready it will work. We tried it on a bean and it is growing in a spiral. The cucumbers are just not growing once the mold is on.
We are having much better results with Vegieforms and we even read the instructions.
The rectangles will be put in a salad when we visit my parents this weekend. Ryan took one to work and the guys had some interesting comments trying to figure out what that "engineer guy" did. I wonder if I will can square pickle slices this year...
Here is what it looks like in the form. We would have let it grow longer but we were going out of town and I didn't want it to rot. After all that work I don't want it ruined. Next time we will let them stay in the form longer.
Here are the faces and smiley one and a grumpy one. I think I will sneak a head under someones lettuce Friday night :)