Saturday, July 5, 2008

Anna in A Sari

Here is Anna in the Sari that Ram's tailor on Ramasamy in T Nager made for her.
Rams also made my sari, she does great detail work. She has done all my clothes since I got to India.
It is fantastic and she looks so cute. She has room to grow which is great.

Anna picked out the fabric.

Here is our family picture too :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last Mailing

We have our last mailing almost ready and are sending it from India. Its a bit time consuming, while some parts are enjoyable.. like writing personal notes to people, other parts make it feel like a factory job.

  • Your address, oh so nice to have them printed... and this time I remembered to have USA printed on there so they don't just float around India.

  • Gluing stamps on... sorry no prestick or lick and stick here.

  • Closing the envelope - Again glue. All the gluing is best done when Anna is gone or asleep. She is 3 and wants to help so much, and well that she did, she piled up a stack of wet envelopes, sticking some of them together... consider yourself lucky if you get one of the ones Anna 'helped' with.

  • Air Mail Stamp - I don't have the patience to write it 250 times... I did not write it on my parents anniversary card and it only went up to Mumbai and back to us.

  • Return Address stamp - we chose to go with Ryan's brothers American address so there is hope that if it does not make it to you it will come back to us. We have had a Christmas newsletter come back to us five months after we sent it!

  • Map of India stamp - now that's the fun one that tells you this is not just another bit of junk mail!

It is comforting to know that there is not a return envelope and a plea for money inside. While that is how 90% of our income came in it is such a challenge to be personal if you know there is going to be that donation form in the mix. The great news it that God has provided, abundantly fulfilling our needs including our plane tickets home :)

We will be sending out 248 letters on Thursday, the quickest they get to the USA is about two weeks. Seeing how we only have twelve more days here there is a very good chance that we will be home before anyone gets the letters. How about we give a prize to the first person to tell us that they got their newsletter! We are going to go pick up some beaded necklaces from the gypsy clients on Tuesday... first one to get their letter gets one.