Monday, October 1, 2007

Unexpected Holiday

Monday was what in India is known as an Unexpected Holiday. Nancy and I first came across this expression on Anna's application for school and when sharing such an unexpected statement with those that have lived in India much longer... they had the lack of surprise we did telling us that unexpected holidays are quite common.

This holiday is the result of a strike or bandh instigated by a political party or competitor to gain publicity on the day between a weekend and Tuesdays birthday of Gandhi. Reading the local news services I am well confused about the truth of who or what matters.

For most people it is a 4 day weekend. And even in the case of many I think Gnanam (who is our helper) said it best. "we do not pay attention those holidays" meaning that most working class and poor people continue working six or seven days a week - day in - day out - from when they can walk to when they can no longer. But I do hope she does give Gandhi's birthday some thought. He is one of the people of more modern times that I have a deep respect for.

Remind us if we do not post in the next couple weeks more information about Gnanam. For now I want to give a moment of respect to Mahatma Gandhi by being quiet.

Note: Gnanam did come on Tuesday also, She and Nancy made Cookies, using our neighbors oven. Then I watched Anna and she went home early with some to share with her family.