Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Little Girl Collecting Wood

This morning I saw a little girl about 6 gathering wood, that is the age of my niece.

The school dress she is wearing is missing buttons and she isn't wearing any shoes or socks, I doubt she will go to school today, or this year. My heart goes out to her. I am grateful that I here to help women like her mom find a business that she is capable of doing... and in the end enabling her to keep her daughter in school not collecting wood so the family.

That is why I am here, to aid others... as Christ has asked us.


My late night thoughts last night turned to Thanksgiving, and what I was thankful for... It is not the roof over my head, that is taken for granted. It is not the clean water I have to drink, I would rather be frustrated that I have to keep filling the bottle as the tapwater will make me sick. It is not all the clothes I have, I have worn them all so many times and the are starting to show just a little wear. Cars, money, and stuff... nice to have but thankful for it all... only with a grain of salt.

Friends, family, a living God... each of these relationships give to me so much that I have no idea how to return and sometimes how to accept. This year this day this hour that is what I am thankful for...the goodness of God, and all the positive relationships that are built from him. I pray that I continue throughout the year to more fully grasp this idea.