Monday, October 31, 2016

Greetings from Michigan

We have landed.  The kids and I got here on a Wednesday and Thursday the kids went to school and I got a root canal.  Ryan was smart, when we were out a few weeks beforehand the kids took the time to check out their schools and meet their teachers.

Transition, how is it?

Well we left our freinds of 7 years.  I still don't have a go to grocery store, a doctor and transitioning to a new bank.

We are together as a family, we have all our "stuff" and we get to have story time together.

We have a land line again which works!  We have internet and we have sunshine.

God has taken care of us.  The kids are in a good school, we just need to learn what is expected.  Anna hasn't missed the bus yet.  I walk Lilly with Jonathan so that sometimes doesn't work out.

The kids are loving not having a dress code.  They have some friends in the subdivision here and working on getting to know those at school and church.

Me.... I miss my freinds and my weekly activities.  MOPS, bible studies, going to the Library and seeing my favorite librarian and also serving at church.  I need to remember that I will have new relationships and they won't be the same.  That is ok.