Friday, February 27, 2015

Toddler Supplies

Here are some items that I use a lot, meaning each month for one of my 3 kids.  

This white thing- oral syringe adapter goes in the top of the liquid Tylenol or Ibuprofen or a kids prescription medication.  It helps to get out much of the fluid and makes it easy to measure out quickly when you have a kid screaming next to you.

I have separate thermometers for rectal and oral measurements.  With kids you want it fast and this is a good one for that.  Put on some lubrication like the bag balm below or KY and get their temperature quickly.  You can buy a generic one of these, it is the speed that counts.

I had Dreft for my first child but when you have a bunch of people in your house you don't have time to wash baby clothes separately.  For even my daughter with eczema, All Mighty Pacs work.  This I stay with the name brand.  You can look for coupons online and Sam's has 120 for about $14 last time I checked.

Prell is the family shampoo.  Only a dot works for the kids and it doesn't irritate them.  I find it on the bottom shelf at CVS and Kmart.

Dove is the soap my grandma used.  I use it too because my skin feels great and doesn't dry out like with other soaps.  Again this works well for my daughter with eczema.  I go for the scents that my husband can go to work smelling like.  Don't use the exfoliating kind on babies because it is a bit abrasive.

We just buy the big container and keep it open in the winter.  Again this is recommended by our doctor for helping with eczema and frequently there are coupons for Eucerin coupons.

Vermont's Original; Bag Balm is the hardest for me to find.  Last time I found it on Amazon.  I found it at Hyvee and CVS here.  This works on diaper rash, cuts, cracked nipples and helps soften hands.  It also helps with taking our splinters where you just put in on the splinter and a band aid over it.  It gets sucked out.

Hyland Teething Tablets are my friend.  Talk to your doctor about this one.  They worked with Jonathan to calm him down for Ibuprofen to work.  I kept some in my purse and one a shelf, everywhere when he had them coming in.  There is an organic barbiturate in them so use them responsibly.