Monday, February 12, 2018

Snow, Ice and Colds

This is a very weird winter.  3 weeks ago it was 40 degrees on a Sunday.  The kids and I went to the park with Maple and played for hours.  Then the snow came back.  And keeps coming.  This Monday, last Friday and last Monday were snow days.  We also had an early out due to snow.

Also we keep getting sick.  I still have the sinus infection since Christmas.  Last week was so odd.  Last Monday Lillian had a 103 degree fever for 6 hours and was fine.  She had to stay home that day.  Anna came home Tuesday and threw up.  Thus she stayed home Wednesday but was completely fine.  Jonathan woke up Thursday morning at 5:30 am screaming his tummy hurt.  I got him to throw up and he was fine the rest of the day.  They each  had a 2 day school week and none of them were at school the same day each day.  

I am glad they are pretty much healthy.  I am also glad to have our snowblower back.

We got Jonathan from Sunday School and he wanted a nap. This is the kid who gave up naps for his 2nd birthday.  His ear hurt so much he screamed.  3 hours later at Urgent care and we now know he had an ear infection and bronchitis.  Poor guy.  A little Tylenol and he just sounds stuffy.  He has his energy back.

We are enjoying Maple and she is enjoying all these snow days.  She is starting to get a little calmer.  She hangs around on the couch with the kids and just gnaws a bone.  This week she is getting fixed so I really hope we can keep her calm.

We just are hanging out eating ice sickle's now.  In two days it will be 40?

A day off means grocery shopping with mom at Meijers.

 Even Maple has a coat.

 This was 3 weeks ago...

Coats were not needed.  They are now as we hover around 20 degrees.