Sunday, October 19, 2014


Before we went to India we were Christians.  We believed in a 100 percent good God who wanted to be an active part of our lives.  Albeit in a passive be good, have good character, save us from a our own stupidity, wisps of a wind  kind of a way.  

Our time of India changed that.  Suddenly God was not as distant, He was near. He was not nearly silent He was clear.  We prepared, went to, and recovered from being in India and our faith was different, but the same.  I think our world view changed more than our faith.  
But our faith did change.  God did a lot of hand holding during that period of our life.  And now years later we are back to a life much like before we we even had a hint of going.  But our faith, my faith, I was paralyzed with inaction.  I expected marching orders as clear as what we had to go to India, a clear path and incredible events to assist us down a path.  But I know that was not true, I was told that was not true.  Life would become like it is, silent, quiet, work hard to raise good kids but otherwise boring.

With the adventure gone, did my faith go with it?  No.  My world view changed, not my faith.  Honestly I did not like a lot of the adventure of our time in India.  I dreamed of what I have now.  Yet now I dream of adventure like India?  I know of a REAL God, who holds our hand.  He is good, 100% good.  Evil exists in this world and he holds our hands when it is near.  He fights it off if it gets too near.  He sees more than we see.  He knows more than we know.  He cares.

India was a part of our lives, a place to reset our world view to one that is more useful to God.  The work we did in India is a foundation that has grown and matured and is still impacting India.  India changed us and we changed India both for God's kingdom.