Thursday, May 1, 2014

How do you do it?

Ryan's new job has him gone 1-2 weeks a month.  That is Monday to Friday.

Used to be the kids are in bed I could run to the store.  He is gone so that isn't a legal option.  I am at the mercy of a teenager and their schedule if I want out of the house alone.

Projects take longer.  So I want to sand something in the garage, it is 40 degrees and rainy so I have to take the kids outside or let them loose without being watched.

This is what happens when you don't watch them:

Found last nights popcorn for breakfast

Follow mommy anywhere with my favorite dust mop.

Cupcakes are great after a bath and double good for breakfast.

As I write this I took Jonathan off a speaker and stopped him from beating the TV stand.

The real answer is I don't do it.  I try and do some of it and give up on some.  They are eating, just not a healthy breakfast.  Most of the time I get milk from the local dairy but with 3 kids in tow Aldi's will get us thru.

They know they are loved and I don't get as much done.  Well chores.  Some cleaning waits.  I need to teach them that we do clean up but I could do it all the time and there would be a mess somewhere anyway.

In 15 years they will be off on their own lives and I will miss them.  You tell me that, all of you whom their kids are in sports, jobs, have their own families...

I pray a lot.  God help me to realize what I really need to do today.  Mop versus Hi Ho Cheerio.  Vacuum versus cuddle.  Spending time with the kids and finding a balance.  I need to be Jesus with skin on, not just yell, complain and have an immaculate house.  I need to not listen to the lies the devil and society tell me that I need to be super mom with great mannered kids and a clean home. 

Trust me I will probably have to vacuum the living room carpet before bed anyway.  

Superman is asking for a sippy of milk - back to work I go.  

I also thank God that Ryan will be home Friday.