Thursday, August 18, 2011

KinderGARDENS P is for Pickles

Now we are harvesting from our cucumber trees.

This year the first batch of dill pickle spears tasted great and were crunchy.

Last years were soggy, I think I picked my cucumbers too early. I am also using the Pickle Crisp from Ball.

Yesterday I made dill pickle slices, spears, bread and butter pickle spears, little pickles, slices and gallons of relish (5 pints). I actually had more juice than cucumbers so I quick picked every one an inch or longer
and pickled it.

I use my Grandmas recipe for relish which was from a 1930's Kerr canning

You can tell I call her too much when she sent me two 1950's canning books on loan until canning season ends in

Wednesday, August 17, 2011