Sunday, May 12, 2019

Little Lending Library

I love books. I got extra credit in high school for reading books. I'm glad that my kids have their own bookshelves in their rooms but I know they have different tastes so there are books that will not be read again here.

We like sharing books and having Little Free Library out front really helps us to do that. We have been planning to have one for a very long time and brought a box of books with us from Iowa to Michigan. 

You can find one near you with this link Little Free Library.  Our Charter is 77029.  

The frame is from scrap wood.  Ryan cut every side trim piece, like 400 of them.  We roofed with with extra shingles from our roof and topped with with some copper.  The door is made from 1960's teak Ryan's dad gave him.  I painted it in the house trim colors.  It has a little window in the back to see if the light is on (we are still working on the light part.)

We try and keep everything from kids to adult books in there.  

What books would you want to read?