Friday, October 10, 2014

It is October - Garden News

I have pulled up half our garden because we want to top dress it with some compost.  After a while it looks like you have a soil thief because the plants suck up the nutrients in the soil.

We have 3 separate sections and two spots have strawberries, red, white and yellow ones.  We are still getting white ones, I know since I ate one before taking this picture.

We are still getting current tomatoes, they are about the size of sixlets. They don't even get as big as a marble.

We have little peppers too!

Our thyme, parsley, basil, onions, and garlic are hanging in the basement now waiting to be used in the winter.

Jonathan is trying to grow trucks.  He is loving the leaves and playing outside. 

I bought some flowers on clearance in summer to find out what grows in this part near the garage and saliva is the only thing that produced and thrived.

We have 2 little gourds
 and we also grew a small sugar pumpkin.which is on my kitchen counter.  The cucumbers have been made into bread and butter pickles.  The beans have dried and will be soup some day.  

It is October 10th and the garden is still going until the frost hits, then ...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BMC Quary

We went to the BMC Quarry this weekend for their open house. We got to see their big equipment.

I was amazed at the levels of the rock.  They use pumps to keep the water out.  Some day when they leave here will be a pretty nice lake. 

 Jonathan fell in the mud but still had a good time collecting rocks with the girls.