Thursday, May 8, 2008

Smells While Traveling / Stay at Home Dad

This week I have been going up to our Molokai Office, about 2 hours from Home. I take a train and then a Share Auto. Here are some of the smells I want to share with you:

  • The lady in front of me has jasmine in her hair (the strong sweet smell fills the air)

  • We just went through a warm fish market (also a strong smell... not so sweet)

  • Vehicle Exhaust from buses, other autos, lorries, & bikes (cough)

  • Street vendor selling cantaloupe juice (sweet, musky cantaloupe)

  • Passing an oxen cart on the bridge, I don’t know if they ever get baths (Not like the river would help a high school boys locker room smells better)

  • Driving slowly past a man who has defiantly been wearing the same shirt for a week

  • Passing a truck holding vegetables (the cilantro overpowers everything else on the cart)

  • Tiffin shop with fried cakes for breakfast (reminds me of all the fried things at the Berrien County Youth Fair)

I have included a pictures of one of our trust banks getting their first loan :)


And now from Ryan:

This past couple weeks have been different for me. Nancy and I have been been job sharing for most of our time here; bringing new meaning to the idea of 'two become one flesh.' Our skills nicely complement each other but this week Nancy's people skills have trumped mine in observing the GO staff while they work, as you can see above.

The challenge is she has an hour and a half commute each way to the office, and a long day of work once there. For me that translates into long hours watching Anna. I have taken the time to be intentional about it... I am not throwing a movie onto the computer (until late in the afternoon when I am exhausted.)

I have a new respect for all the stay at home caregivers. I am so glad that I had Gnana and naps. This time has also allowed me to spend a lot of time in prayer. While it feels really odd to not be sitting at a desk being productive, I was in the right place interacting with Anna and spending her quite times in prayer.