Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I wish we did not have to say goodbye,

even though I know it is for the best.
I think about the times we shared and cry,
you never acted like I was a guest.
Remember the time we found the bird's nest?
We thought about the birds all afternoon,
until they flew around and became pests.
Then there was the time we found the balloon,
the colors on it were white and maroon.
We wanted to split the balloon in half,
But all it did was fly up to the moon.
Remember the time we just sat and laughed?
I am going to miss you my dear friend,
even though I know this is not the end.

-Angie A.
October 1992, 6th hour English with Mrs. Magennis

(I also have the poems of Kerri V., Erin D., Amy R., Kirsten W., Denise W., Jim G., Jennifer C., Creager, Tim H., Kari B., Kerrie L., Scott B., Ryan B., Audra B., Steve S., Darrell D., Scott T., and a Heather)