Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And how was your day dear?

Welcome to Erie Snow!

It started out with Anna spilling cereal before she even got to the table at breakfast. Ryan was home working on a specification for work so he was in the front room.

Our door bell rings - I am excited we don't know many people in Erie. Its a friend who was going to help us out on a project and I thought he was here for that. Turns out he backed into Ryan's car with his truck. Oops. Its still drivable, just part of the door and side panel need some help and the tire is flat.

I left Ryan at home to run up for a mystery shop and to check out a quilt shop. I did my shop, found yet another quilt shop closed and started to drive home in the slushy snow. I slid and ended up some how straddling a ditch.

I got out of my car not knowing it was a ditch and had water up to my knee. I tried to get it to move by myself but I knew I was over a ditch and really thought this was a job for professionals. I did not call Ryan, what could he do, he was home with a flat.

I walked to a near by house and asked if she knew a tow truck. She helped me out and kept Anna inside while the tow truck dragged me across that ditch. The car seems fine. All Anna says is we went boom. I thank God for his protection, I was 6 inches from hitting a tree. We were safe and so is the car.

I got home, that's where I am now. Ryan even offered to take me out to eat but I really don't want to get in a car right now.