Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quilt Class

We only have 3 more weeks in India. For a long time I have been asked to teach four of the staff we have been working with at IID Tabitha college how to do quilting. I finally got over my fear and did it. You know what? It was fun teaching Sumithy, Hilda, Sarao and Kanatara, all tailoring teachers and export quality goods makers.

We have discovered that quilt making is different than the clothing they usually make. The project was a 16 patch pillow cover with many matched corners.
Here is Hilda with one.

They had a great time and made 4 great pillows. I was able to teach them the basics of quilting.... chain stitching, matching corners, color choosing. Once they have these basics down the next step would be to add triangle blocks.

I also had to learn the way they did things. I learned with some cool tools: a rotary cutter, a mat and a nice square plastic ruler, I set the fabric flat on a table and cut it. They have these 2-pound scissors, a sewing tape measure and ingenuity, it takes a lot more skill to get perfect cuts. I learned just as much from them about techniques of cutting as they learned from me about piecing.

We all had fun and in the end we have five very colorful throw pillows.

Here is Kanatara winding a bobbin.

Delhi Belly

We have a hitchhiker.

When we were up in Delhi we must have eaten something contaminated with an ameba/bacteria combination. When we got back, I started to feel gassy and no amount of Coke (I am so happy we have Coke here) could get it all up. Nalini next door kept telling me I had Delhi Belly.

I started taking Cipro, an antibiotic we were given in the USA just incase we started to feel sick. Even with a week of that, there was something wrong so I went to the doctor. Yep I have an ameba and got to go on a double antibiotic, basically what we have is Dysentery. After a few days, I was not having the pins in the stomach feeling and was able to do more and eat again. That is when Ryan came down with it. Ryan is now being medicated too.

Pray we get it all cleared out of our system so we do not re-infect each other.

Anna is perfectly fine :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Video About Growing Opportunity

This is a video about Growing Opportunity.

திஸ் ஷோர்ட் வீடியோ தல்க்ஸ் அபௌட் தி வொர்க் பெதிந்து ஒஉர் வொர்க்.