Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This is so amazing. I did not know that Nancy actually ordered this book, a very nice street level guide in 120 pages and it even shows railroad spurs and sidings. We loved all the packaging. All the stamps, the tears, the thin fabric with designs on it, the plastic. Wow someone in India sent us mail and we got it. It may have a little water damage, but it is still usable, and I for one do not mind, we will wear this book into the ground.

Know what is even better? Today we got our GREEN LIGHT email from the powers that be. We can start actually raising funds, working out details, and so much else because we are officially accepted to go to India.

The sad news. Because we have been flying under the radar and moving so much we do not have a firm deep roots in a single Church. This has happened so quick and Churches have budgets, and committees, and leaders. Each of the Churches I see their books and see their members are not even supporting them. So I fully understand why leaders see us coming and they close up the purse and doors too. The first thing we have learned is that it is not money we need from these congregations. It is prayer. That is free, only takes five minutes to share that we are going. We can stand in a lobby or class room to talk about micro-finance. God will fund this thing, and we only need to trust Him to do it.

A green light day.