Monday, January 2, 2012

Trip to the Cabin

This Christmas we spent 14 days in Freesoil Michigan at my inlaws cabin.  Its a true cabin with an outhouse, gas lights and wood fire for heat.

 We got 1 day of snow which is a good thing when you want to take lots of walks and when you have an outhouse.  

We got to have Ryan's parents for a visit.  
They got to be the guests.

Larry made a great breakfast of french toast one morning.  He was teaching Lilly to crack eggs.

Lilly wanted to go out with anyone on their way to the outhouse.  Anna was trying to convince me there was a "duck pond" behind the outhouse.

Ryan's Blackberry worked here.

Look at my angel in the wreath.  He made it himself.

I love how the girls helped each other.

My baby!

The girls at the dinner table.  You can see all our winter gear behind them.

Lois and Lilly coming back from the Hello Tree.  They share the initials LKD.

Snow on the honeysuckle.
Lilly is sitting on the stump of the tree that fell this year at the cabin.  Maybe it was 70 years old.

This is the tree we made.  Ryan made the scaffolding, we found a green wool blanket and made ornaments from scraps bought at the local quilt shop.  Yes there were presents under that tree too.

We read a ton of books including 5 Judy B. Jones.  I found Anne's Bookstore in Manistee and I think I got 30 books there.  And there was the Kindle Touch there too.  I was glad not the have the Kindle Fire so that no one could watch movies on it but read books.   

 Where the wood was stored.

By the end Lilly could put her boots on alone.  She would go anywhere so we had to keep an eye on her when she would blaze a trail in the woods.