Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It is starting...

... to feel like home.

With only a handful (5) of boxes on first floor, and a second handful (6) on the second it is really starting to feel like home here. It also helped that Nancy made a chicken pot pie and apple brown betty too. She had trouble finding a recipe for the pot pie, she has lots of cookbooks but the problem is most of them said add a bag of frozen peas and carrots to a prepackaged.... she had flour, butter, fresh corn, fresh beans, and all the rest fresh.

After dinner, (we could not do it before as Anna was worried about a bear finding her pot pie cooling while she was out) we walked the neighborhood. We are finding some of the more interesting architecture here, houses built in 1880, churches turned into houses, and run down unfit for human habitation homes.

Then after the walk we loaded all the electronics into the new TV table I made and Nancy stained, it all just fit... the stereo, the DVD player, the VCR and the new digital ant box. It was fun trying to figure out the wiring of it all. Sadly given the age of the equipment they vary on the outputs and inputs they accept, and the cables I had on hand has made me have to compromise. The 15 year old TV is mono and will only take coaxial, most everything else is RCA, I use the VCR to transfer over the signal for the TV. Then I learned that the VCR can only take one input, so my theory of having the digital ant run via coaxial to the VCR and the DVD come in as RCA is not working. ... but no maybe it will work... yea I just have to turn the VCR off for the digital ant and on for the DVD, or what will work is going to get a RCA trio to run the digital ant through the stereo. And sadly I could not get the fiber optic to work between the DVD and Stereo nor can I get anymore than 2 channel sound between the two... though both are 5.1 capable, maybe that can be fixed after I get batteries for all the remotes and can control more menus.

Maybe while I am out getting batteries I should just get a whole new setup: TV, DVD, stereo, Blueray, computer, and popcorn maker.


Tonight I will fiddle with that just a little more but my main task will be to corral all my tools and organize them and figure out if any more are truly missing...