Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Libraries

For my birthday I chose to make up a sheet for the kids to fill out and we went exploring to the Little Free Libraries in the area.

Anna was the only one who could write so I have a couple extra sheets for another time.  Maybe in the summer when we need something fun to do.

Some are more adult and some are kids but we swapped at all of them.  One was off limits because it was only used by the preschoolers there but they did direct me to one that was not on my list at Neighbors Park in Cedar Falls.

I love the recycling of phone booths and the old newspaper dispenser too.

This one has a bench so you can read what you find here.

Here are the ones we ended up with today, a lot of Curious George and a few board books.  There was a craft one that Anna is really excited about too.  We made a Goodwill run to get a few more because the kids wanted to keep some of the ones they got.