Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Driving, Storms, and Trains in India

Wow what a week. Nancy and I have been busy driving, calling, and talking in front of people about our trip to India.

Yesterday was quite scary, we were on a drive from Kalamazoo down to Elkhart and some storms passed through. Thank God that we were watched over; the road sign that blew over did not hit the car, the hail did not dent the car, the tree that fell over did not block the road, the branches we drove over did not damage the underside of the car, And through it all Anna, Nancy, and I did not cry, even though I wanted to.

I sure do hope we are continued to be watched over. We have done a lot of driving, and have a lot more to do, same with talking and typing. Though it all seams to be for naught, Nancy and I are unfoundedly worried since this past week has seen no additional financial support. It is a learning experience to trust God, but the big reality is that while it was our desire to leave for India in June that may not work.

Oh about the India Trains, there was a funny news story about how a train stopped in just the wrong spot. The engineer asked the passengers to get out and push it forward 3 meters so that it could again go under its own power. Maybe that is what we need, everyone to get out and push.