Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Projects - Table for Jonathan's room Part 2

Ryan had a week long work trip.  I was proud of myself, I got the top and bottom attached to each other with blocks that I predrilled pilot and countersunk holes.

Evenings I would go down and put a layer or two of paint on.

One thing we have learned from all our projects is that we take a lintless rag and put the paint on thinly.  We like the finish.  Since this was going to Jonathan's room I stayed more to the masculine side of our mistinted paint stash.  I liked this army green so there are 4 coats of this on the table.  The issue is the walls in his room are two shades of green so it couldn't stay that way.  Then I used a red on top but again it didn't look right.

I found a mistint of brown.  It looked pretty good, not exactly what I wanted though.  I wondered if it looked outdated, kind of 70's.  I also found another container from the same maker and family of an almost white washed blue.  I covered it in that too.  Then I went back to brown, a couple coats.

One time I put on paint and then the paint took off the layers below it.  I had to then sand and repaint for a smooth surface.

Then one or two light washes of the blue. I made sure it wasn't perfect.  I liked having the edges show the brown.  It gives it a more farm table look.  Also once it gets really used it won't look as bad as if I did a pristine job.  It also holds up to Lilly climbing on it to get into the crib with Jonathan.  

Not that she ever goes in there to jump up and down with him.

 And how it looks if moved into the living room.