Friday, August 8, 2014


For years we have been battling rain.  I personally like to be in the rain when it is warm.  We have had a few days of rain that seem more like flooding.  We just added 2 truckloads of dirt to our back after getting the driveway replaced.  We dug a trench to the garden so the downspout could lead away from the house too.

The blessing is we didn't get rain in that part of the basement this time.

Our newly planted grass did get a comb over.  I also didn't have to water or fill the pool today.

So this picture is when we were down in Mt. Pleasant on the track.  The one in the clear raincoat is Jeff and the other guy is Ryan.  I didn't  like this rain either.  We couldn't play on the trains.  Also I drove home so wet and the first thing I did was take a warm shower when I walked in the door.

Jonathan finally got to ride in the Tugger around the track twice and then it rained.  Jonathan was so mad he stayed in the Tugger on the track in the rain.  Ryan and Jeff took the Tugger under the tent and Jonathan ran back out to the track in the downpour looking for the engine so he could go around again.  He cried when the adults couldn't I think that day.


Lillian is now the size Anna was when she left India.

Sorry to say, Lillian will be the last kid of ours to wear this sari.