Friday, April 6, 2007


We have a coach helping us prepare for this trip. You know write the letters to get the funds, read books on India and Micro Enterprise Development and Bible study. One of the things he wanted mentioned was our background in relation to finances and the Bible. We excluded it from the letters because of flow and not wanting to confuse you. Plus my views could constitute as a mini sermon or even scuttle my cause.

Let me start by saying that there is an organization Crown Financial Ministries, they have a daily radio show, a website (, and many many books and bible lessons to help people learn the biblical way of handling money. I do not agree 100 percent with them but the issues I have are far from core. It is kind of like discussing the issue of communion wine should be real wine or grape juice. I agree with them enough that I have become a Crown Financial Money Map Coach. That means I can give you advice as you work through the materials to a debt free and then a giving lifestyle.

Crown has a great road map to using money to your advantage within the framework of living in and being a consumerist in a consumerism society. From what I understand God uses that society but in truth has a different idea. God is a giving God, this past fall I was enlightened that all the stuff I own has value but it is not MINE!! It is his, and if needed I need to share it, and sell it, that is everything, including the cat eye and model trains.

My views of money and gospel. I have read the bible from cover to cover a couple times and followed a couple bible studies about money. In only one place are we invited to test the Lord our God. Malachi 3:8-10 in summary is 'Bring the whole tithe into God's house, test me in this and watch the blessings flow.' I strongly think the first 10 percent of your income needs to go to the local church you are attending. Then pay taxes, then save a little for old age and disasters such as loosing a job, then be generous and give and then have a little to live on.

So to scuttle my own desire to get to India I tell you if you are giving money to us from your "church" budget area and less than 10 percent is going to that church you visit each week. Don't do it. God has asked us to go to India, I trust that he will get us there. But I do not want to test God by stealing from his storehouse. Every church I know of has a budget that is well below 10% of it's congregation income, they see missionaries coming and shut the door close the blinds and turn out the lights. They don't even have enough money for themselves... then they get complaints when the building is cold, the organ out of tune... Please help them first then they can give so much more.

Each and every single person I know is able to give 10% to the church and still be alive. Now for the few that have made bad decisions and owe much debt I can point out some resources (from crown) that will get you to a place of debt free in 1 to 5 years. I have read stories how even the very poor who live on rice set aside a handful at each meal to bring to the church to sell. God blesses even this small offering. Don't wait until you have enough to give, give first and trust that you can live on the rest.

I would love to talk one on one on the subject.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Visiting Friends

This past weekend we went up to TC to visit Ben and Holly. It is great to visit them, they are great hosts, and even better friends. They love the natural world God created. Plus, they have many of the same spiritual concerns and thoughts that we do so the conversations are great.

A wise person once told me that if you are comfortable being silent around someone then your are truly friends. With Ben and Holly that is true.

It was great to see Ellie in person. She is at that perfect age of transition from infant to toddler. You can see her mind growing by the second. I gave Ben a Snack Trap so that he could feed her on the go without a mess. It only took her a minute to figure it out.

I remember at this age just telling Anna everything she was doing. Standing sitting, left hand a right. I also challenged her a lot to figure things out.

I think once kids become communicative they are easier for fathers to deal with.

I also wanted to thank Holly for taking a picture of us as a family, this will be great in our prayer letter.

Thank you for letting us visit. I can't wait for the basement to be finished, or for Holly would that be Finnished?

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