Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ryan calls me up yesterday from work and they have announced lay offs for 60 engineers.

Next call is he is one of those engineers laid off. He works at GE here in Erie until April 10th.

  • Pray he finds another job soon. This is hard, we went though it with GM in 2006.

  • Praise if we have to move we don't have to sell a house

  • Praise we know that God is in control and it will be ok ... soon

Maybe Anna and I should make dad an apple berry pie. Food always makes us feel better right? No, Anna did not get to use the knives next to her.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I hope I don't die. I certainly hope it does not happen 31 years from now. The same for Nancy.

Why 31 years?

We bought 30 year term life insurance. We chose the amounts based on what it would cost the survivors to maintain the same lifestyle. Replace my income or pay for someone to watch the kids.

It was not that hard and I wish we would have done it years ago when Anna was born.

To start it all off I went to Dave Ramsey's website and asked for an ELP (Endorsed Local Provider) in my area to contact me. If you want your own ELP go to and look on upper right of the first page. Our ELP is also our investment advisor & assistant. After meeting with our advisor and he gave us some information to read and talk about, no high pressure sales. We called him back a few weeks later. He visited with some applications and we paid our first years deposit. Then a nurse came to the house to draw our blood and weigh us.

As an aside we learned that if the vampire oh I mean nurse would tug on the vain a little while putting the needle in the vain is much less likely to roll.

Ok so the insurance company looks at our blood work for everything that might kill us. The more things that might make us die in the next 30 years the more we got to pay each year. I found out that I have high cholesterol. Mathematically based on how much higher my premium is I have almost a 1% chance of dieing from my cholesterol vs living to see my 60s. Now all we need to do is keep paying our premium each year. Yes we could have paid monthly too but then that is just one more bill to worry about being late on.

The worst part of it all, besides thinking Nancy might die and leave me here, was having to fast overnight and skip breakfast before getting the blood drawn. The good news is we can take our blood workups to our doctors to for them to look at.

Oh yes we have a will, written before we went to India. That needs to be updated now cuz if we both die our daughter would be coming into a whole lot of money all at once... usually not a good thing.