Tuesday, July 10, 2007


In 19 days, at this time on the 29th of July we will be on Air India flight number 124 from Chicago to Mumbai.

Yes it is real. We are going, 'this is not a false alarm this is not a test...' (part of a song from RUSH) We bought the tickets today, we are starting to pack, we looked how much malarone is going to cost (malaria medication.) I bought a new camera so we can take you all with us.

There will be an open house for us near Grand Rapids Michigan at Robb and Cheryl's house on the 21st of July, from 3 to 5pm. Also if you are near South Bend you can stop by. Or call us, email us, pray for us.

The fact that we have gone from 12 months ago wanting to be engineers, 6 months ago being asked to go to Chennai, 4 months ago having no support, to today having $25,000 from over 50 people seeing God in what we are doing, and giving for us to go, is for us proof that God is behind this. He is in front of us, leading the way, He will provide fully. We are not going of our own accord, we are going as God's hands, feet, and voice. If any problems do arise He will in turn make it for good. Please pray that everything is done as He needs it done to do His will, such as what we pack, where our cars are stored, how we get to the airport, that we get our visa, living arraignments in Chennai, traveling mercies, and rest so we do not become weary.