Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three Choices

Well like all those H&G TV shows we watch too often we have three choices.

Choice one, a large 4 bedroom near a funeral home nine blocks from the lake shore, no yard to speak of, several blocks from the nearest playground. It has a basement, attic and a sun porch off the back. It has a drive way for parking.

Choice two, a small three bedroom on a bluff overlooking the lake with on street parking, very small yard to speak of and a playground down the street.

Choice three, four bedroom cape cod a block from the water, wood fireplace, one car garage, large yard, farthest from work, better school district than other two, rent is $200 more per month than other two.

There were many other options from double wide trailers in the country to houses walking distance from a McDonald's. The bathroom pictured below has matching wallpaper, toilet seat, shower curtain, and light switch and the only bathroom in the house :)