Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to make Compost

Step #1 Feed Baby fruits and veggies.
Step #2 Clean up after Baby and put it into the kitchen counter composter.
Step #3 Put in outside composter and stir. When it looks like dirt it is dirt.

Short Cut

Step #1 Go to your towns grass clipping and wood drop off site with 4 five gallon buckets and shovel.
Step #2 Shovel and take it home.

KinderGARDENS 2011

The Inadvertent Farmer is linking a bunch of us who are gardening with kids so that we can learn from each other and share our crazy ideas. Its called KinderGARDENS 2011 the link is to your right on our page. We will try to keep up with a post a week on what Anna and Lilly are doing in the garden.

This year Anna is getting her own square foot garden. Anna's I think will have more flowers and cool looking plants than our garden. She was excited to see the purple pole bean pack I have. She is my bean addict. Lilly is still in the eating dirt phase so I think she will watch the garden more than be in it this year.

Anna got 2 butterfly plants at the cattle congress this weekend for her garden.

This is our second year in this garden low in the ground. I have been growing food since I was a kid. Last year Anna helped with the picking of the beans, tomatoes and cucumbers. She also helped me with the canning of them.
We are also planning a sunflower house. Its where you plant sunflowers in a square about 4x4 or 6x6 and leave room for a door. Then when the flowers are 5 foot tall start training them to a center point that is tied together. This will give Anna and her neighbor friends a place to hide and play.

We are all excited to try the square food gardening and the sunflower house this year.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


We have a leaky basement and the cheaper way to fix it is to get the water away from the house. I got to get 100 feet of pipe and we grabbed our shovels on Saturday. Lilly was sleeping and Anna had the camera.

This is the third house we have moved the downspout on and this time we sent it all the way to the curb.
I think the worst part was getting it under the sidewalk.