Saturday, May 23, 2015

The New Dresser - 1920's to 1940's Oak Veneer Dresser Part 2

So I got the wheel on the dresser and made the outside pretty.  I spent a couple hours doing that.  I though all I had to do was sand a drawer and take the thing upstairs.  I won't sand, plane or glue in the girls room.  I am still working on figuring out why the one drawer won't shut.  The three others just needed a little bees wax.

That was 3 days ago.  It is in my dinning room.  Ryan is out of town so I don't have his ideas.  I keep Skyping my dad pictures and he sends me some ideas.  Never give up, which isn't an option.  I have too much time and money in this thing.  I am stubborn and it should work soon.

The side has moved away from the front.  I have tried sanding.  I also removed the bottom and put it back on.  Not sure if that did anything.

I am fed up with it so I didn't work on it today and did housework like laundry, mowed, emptied the truck of limbs, normal house wife stuff.

I brought up the power sander.I can't really nail or screw it.  Maybe I can separate it and then glue and use a strap to keep it in shape?  Wood moves so I really don't want to do that.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The New Dresser - 1920's to 1940's Oak Veneer Dresser Part 1

Lilly and Anna share a dresser.  The problem is they are girls and their clothes are poofy and they have a lot of them.  They try and get dressed at the same time and fight over whose drawer gets to be open.  I figured it was time for them to quit sharing and Lilly could have not just one drawer but a whole dresser.  I went to Craigslist.

New furniture in the store is made from particle board and just doesn't match our style.  Actually it is my mom and dad's fault. They collected and refinished old furniture.  My mom's dad Grandpa Kissell was the Dr. Frankenstein of furniture.  When I got married I inherited a lot of cool stuff and still like it.

I found a dresser that had been in an abandoned house for 10 years.  It has a mirror and all the parts which were in pretty good condition, just a drawer won't work and it didn't look that good cosmetically.

The top had the most damage.  I broke a wooded wheel while moving it.  

The part holding up the mirror is 3 parts that needs to be glued together.  I am also troubleshooting why one of the drawers won't close.

First thing I did was evaluate the condition, I didn't want to sand and strip this piece.  I wanted something quick and I called my dad.  He said there was something you could just wipe on and off.  I found it in Howard's Restore a Finish.  Here is one side versus another on the drawers.

This side has either sun marks or water marks.  The side now looks great in comparison to before.

I have followed up with the Feed and Wax which smells yummy from bees wax and orange oil. 

I went to my dresser and I knew there was a bag of wheels.  I always wondered why there were 5 wheels in there.  Maybe God knew I would need another wheel like 10 years ago because there were 5 in the bag and there are only 4 legs on most dressers.

I am still working on the drawer.  That is a whole other post.